Our company was founded in 1994 and has steadily established a reputation for providing high quality language services. Since then, we have satisfied the language requirements of thousands of clients from various professional backgrounds and business levels. Our clients range from SME companies to large, multinational groups of companies. 



Language Training

The ultimate goal of learning a language is to be able to use it both accurately and fluently. We believe that the learning process is easier when people engage in interactive, useful, and interesting communication. Our lessons are developed to give our customers real world language use preparation. We believe in using authentic materials as they expose learners to how the language is really used by native speakers, are up-to-date, and are more specific to our clients’ needs.

Our teachers understand that people have their own ways of learning, progress at different rates, and have different needs and motivations for language learning. Our teachers act as facilitators, creating lessons that are conducive to language learning and providing opportunities for our clients to practice using the language.


Translation Services 

We firmly believe that any document that is correct and concise in the language in which it was drafted should maintain its integrity when translated into another language. Consequently, our team of qualified and experienced translators employs a four-eye proofreading principle in order to ensure top-quality, trustworthy translations. 


Interpreting Services 

We believe that professional interpreters are an extension of your business and, therefore, represent both you and your company. Fittingly, our interpreters are knowledgeable of various subjects/terminology, are highly experienced, and are trained to deliver exceptional and reliable service while under pressure.