Our Business English courses centre around core business concepts and topics, and they are designed to improve your fluency and grammatical accuracy within a work-related context. The reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills required to effectively function in a variety of business situations will be developed, and you will feel confident dealing with English-speaking colleagues and clients.

Our trainers employ the use of problem-solving tasks, case study reviews, and business simulations. Language/vocabulary within the following, non-exhaustive business areas is typically covered:


  • Presenting proposals/counter-proposals
  • Defining possibilities/impossibilities
  • Giving opinions
  • Suggesting solutions
  • Expressing agreement/disagreement
  • Summarising agreements


  • Arranging/confirming/rescheduling a meeting
  • Starting a meeting/stating the objectives
  • Dealing with interruptions
  • Asking for comments and contributions
  • Responding to information diplomatically
  • Summarising results/decisions


  • Talking about your job/company
  • Making small talk/discussing current events
  • Making arrangements
  • Making recommendations
  • Starting a conversation with a stranger
  • Understanding cultural differences


  • Structure
  • Introducing the topic
  • Signposting
  • Describing graphs/charts/trends
  • Summarising and concluding
  • Handling questions


  • Formal/informal phrases
  • Making/responding to enquiries
  • Polite/direct language
  • Checking understanding
  • Requesting action
  • Making/confirming arrangements


  • Identifying yourself
  • Exchanging and checking information
  • Spelling/numbers over the phone
  • Leaving and taking messages
  • Making and confirming arrangements
  • Making and dealing with complaints