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Our Philosophy

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Language Training

The ultimate goal of learning a language is to be able to use it both accurately and fluently. We believe that the learning process is easier when people engage in interactive, useful, and interesting communication. Our lessons are developed to give our customers real world language use preparation. We believe in using authentic materials as they expose learners to how the language is really used by native speakers, are up-to-date, and are more specific to our clients’ needs.

Our teachers understand that people have their own ways of learning, progress at different rates, and have different needs and motivations for language learning. Our teachers act as facilitators, creating lessons that are conducive to language learning and providing opportunities for our clients to practice using the language.

Translation Services

We firmly believe that any document that is correct and concise in the language in which it was drafted should maintain its integrity when translated into another language. Consequently, our team of qualified and experienced translators employs a four-eye proofreading principle in order to ensure top-quality, trustworthy translations. 

Interpreting Services

We believe that professional interpreters are an extension of your business and, therefore, represent both you and your company. Fittingly, our interpreters are knowledgeable of various subjects/terminology, are highly experienced, and are trained to deliver exceptional and reliable service while under pressure.

Interpreting Services

We believe that professional interpreters are an extension of your business and, therefore, represent both you and your company. Fittingly, our interpreters are knowledgeable of various subjects/terminology, are highly experienced, and are trained to deliver exceptional and reliable service while under pressure.

Speaking Event
Plain Language

We believe that every member of society has a right to participate in all aspects of everyday live. Our plain language interpreters assist others, skillfully and with tact, to navigate the world of the spoken word.


Why should a person not be able to be a full member of our society just because they may have a hearing impediment? Thank to our speech-to-text translators, the spoken word can be transcribed in real time, enabling people to follow speeches, lectures, conferences, and many more events.

Our Team


Ute Schulz

"English is your key to the world."

At the age of 24, Ute Schulz put her aptitude for languages to work and founded a language school that offered an individual, customized approach to learning English and satisfying customers' language requirements.

Your contact person for all language-related issues, Ute Schulz possesses a trifecta of language skills that have proven invaluable to her clients over the years. As a language trainer, she has a deep understanding of the English language, and she is able to skillfully relay her knowledge to others in a clear and accessible manner.

As a translator, her clients rely on her vast knowledge of specialised vocabulary, her keen ability to pick up on subtle language nuances, and the eloquence and flow of her translations.
Finally, as an interpreter, she is adept at thinking quickly and immediately rendering language that is suitable for any given situation.


Professional Qualifications:

  • Chamber of Commerce Düsseldorf: Commercial Correspondent English

  • Chamber of Commerce Düsseldorf: State-approved Translator for English and German (best of the year)

  • Chamber of Commerce Düsseldorf: State-approved Interpreter for English and German

  • Higher Regional Court Hamm: Attestation and Certification as Translator and Interpreter for English and German

  • Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen: Certificate in German Legal Terminology for Translators and Interpreters

  • Member of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators / Bunderverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer (BDÜ)

  • Member of Chartered Institute of Linguists

  • Member of German-British Jurists' Association

  • Certified under ISO 17100:2016

Translation Specialty:

Legal and Commercial English texts (contracts, reports, minutes of meetings, presentations, court correspondence)
Real estate and construction industry (trade magazines and publications, contracts)


Academic Translations:

2012: Pearson: "Consumer Behavior" by Michael R. Solomon
2013: Pearson: "Marketing Management" by Kotler / Keller


Interpreting Specialty:

Business meetings (annual general meetings, supervisory board meetings, negotiations, customer events, presentations)



2014 Klett Publishing: Business to Business, Englische Geschäftskorrespondenz und Bürokommunikation (co-author)

Our team
why choose us

Why Choose Us?

Our Service Areas Complement Each Other:
We provide a one-stop solution, with only one customer contact.

Language Training Strengths
  • All of our certified teachers have several years of business experience.

  • Our native speakers come from different cultural backgrounds.

  • We employ a communicative approach to teaching, custom-tailored to meet very student's needs

  • We have a national/international network of partner schools.

Translation Services Strengths
  • We assign ONE translator for each text/type of text/client, which guarantees style uniformity.

  • We can handle urgent jobs at short notice.

  • We boast a 100% deadline hit rate and have exceedingly reliable time management skills.

  • We have a network of specialists who have a wide range of expertise in various business areas.

Interpreting Services Strengths
  • We offer a complete service package that includes interpreting teams and specialised technology.

  • All of our interpreters are qualified, certified, and registered.

  • We offer more than 25 years of experience and insight into different industries.

Customers & testimonials

Customers & Testimonials

"Vielen Dank für die so schnelle und meines Erachtens nach perfekte Übersetzung. Wir werden gerne wieder auf Sie zurückkommen."

(Thank you for the swift and perfect translation. We’ll be happy to work with you again in future.)

Dr. Petra Welge

Head of Legal

mfi management für immobilen ag

"Friendliness, professional, flexible, obliging- true comprehension of the service they offer."

(Freundlich, professionell, flexibel, zuvorkommend – ein sehr servicebewusster Dienstleister.)

Geoffrey Ognall

Operating Partner

Advent International

"Durch fachbezogene und praxisnahe Lehrmittel und Übungen wird der Englischunterricht individuell gestaltet."

(Specialized and authentic teaching materials and exercises are used to custom-tailor English lessons to individual students' needs.)

Thorsten Wiesendorfer,



Streif Baulogistik GmbH



Language Training

Different price structures exist for group,

one-to-one, and intensive courses.

Please contact our office to make an enquiry.

Translation Services

Our translation services rates are calculated on the basis of various criteria, such as the original and target languages, the volume of the documents to be translated, the difficulty of the content, as well as the translation completion time frame. Any text requiring translation must be reviewed by our office before an individual, binding offer can be made.

Please contact our office to make an enquiry.

Interpreting Services

Interpreting services are billed by the day. Preparation, familiarisation with the subject matter, and travel time as well as accommodation, where applicable, are included in the daily rate. Offers can be made for online events as well as for national or international live events.

Please contact our office to make an enquiry.

Plain Language Translation and Interpreting Services

Our plain language translation and interpreting services are calculated on the basis of various criteria, such as the type of text, and the setting and duration of an event. A binding, lump-sum rate will be offered upon receipt of all relevant information.


 Please contact our office to make an enquiry.

Speech-to-text Interpreting Services

Our speech-to-text interpreting services are billed on an hourly basis. Daily rates are available on request. The provision of preparatory material is essential, and preparation as well as familiarisation with the subject matter are included in the price. Our interpreters work both online and on site, as required.


Please contact our office to make an enquiry.

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