Learning English abroad allows individuals to supplement the language training received in their home countries by giving them the opportunity to use English within a completely immersed environment. Most of our clients select this learning format before moving abroad or commencing work on international projects. Through cooperation with partner schools, easy English experts provides quality language learning opportunities abroad.


Edinburgh, Scotland (World Heritage Site)

Our partner school in Edinburgh offers intensive General English, Business English and Executive courses in small groups and One-to-One courses. The school facilities include bright spacious rooms, free internet and email access, Wi-Fi, a library, and a student lounge.

Leisure activity options include:

  • a tour of Edinburgh
  • a trip to the Royal Botanic Garden
  • a tour of Mary King’s Close
  • a weekend trip to the Highlands of Scotland
  • a day trip to Loch Ness, Stirling Castle, a Whiskey distillery, Glasgow, or the Fife Coast


Harrogate, England (Spa Town)

Our partner school in Harrogate offers intensive General English and Business English language courses, only on a one-to-one basis. As a small, private language school, they are able to offer professional service in a comfortable, friendly environment.

In addition to classrooms and offices, the school has a small café, a common room with a TV/DVD player/CD player, and a private study centre with learning software, audio/video facilities, a small library, an Internet café, and Wi-Fi.


Other Destinations

Although our main partner schools are located in Great Britain, we can also provide assistance finding alternative language schools/locations.